Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009

Well, just one more day until a week is finished and I am down 11 pounds! I am sooooo loving that!

Yesterday my menu was simple again:

B: 2 eggs, fried in a bit of oil.
L: 1 low carb Slim Fast shake.
S: About 6 ounces of fried catfish nuggets.

I don't have much time to write today, but last night we went to a friend's house and while there, this lady had baked sugar cookies and made popcorn and coffee. I did not take any cookies or popcorn, although I would have LOVED both! LOLOL I did take some coffee and that was a mistake. I can't drink coffee that late at night anymore and try to sleep. So, new lesson learned. Don't drink coffee after about 3 p.m. unless I want to be up all night.

Well, let's see now........................

When my mother had gathered all of these different veggies and fruits in, boy did she can! When she started working at the hospital, she had to work on Saturdays, but never on Sunday, so she would can on Sunday, all day. My favorite part was when she would get the tomatoes blanched, she would hand me some to peel and some she would do. Then they all went into the big pot and she wanted them all crushed. I GOT TO DO THAT!!!!! I would put my hand in the bottom of the pot and grab a tomato and SSSQQQQQUUIIISSSHHH and feel that tomatoe pulp go through my fingers. I don't know why that was so fun to me, but I did enjoy it!

She made the most wonderful homemade grape jelly and she also made homemade bread. Our whole family enjoyed that bread. I liked being home the day she baked. After the bread dough raised for a while, she would pinch off a small bit of it and then kind of spread it out to the size of a dinner plate and poke some holes in it and while she was doing that, a cast iron skillet was heating on the stove. She fried that bread dough in there. Now most folks just call it fried bread. My mother called them "dough dodgers." When they got dark brown and finished, she would put them on a plate and we each (whoever was there) would get one and smear butter (oleo in our house) all over it, and then either top it with her jelly or with peanut butter and jelly! OH MAN! You talk about good eating! WHEW!

My family fought over mom's bread too. Now when she baked, normally about once a week, she would bake about 15 to 20 loaves cause so many people wanted it. Her slices were about twice the size of a normal slice of store bought bread, and just as light as could be. The fights would start if more than just she and I were there. Some of them loved the crust, others the inside soft part! And when it is hot and fresh, man is that something. We had times where someone would rip the end off of a loaf and then the rest of us would grab it and pull the insides out and it was left with just crust, and the others would tear that apart and share it! What a deal. As kids, we used to grab the inside part and squish it all down into a little dough ball and put that in our mouth and that was like our "chaw"! You could suck on a dough ball for, oh..... probably half an hour! LOLOLOLOL And mom would laugh about all of it! She was pleased to provide for everyone that way.

What memories..................

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